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We provide Podiatric care to nursing home and home care patients. Our Podiatry care is focused on providing comprehensive foot care that may provide relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness.
What sets us apart is how we work directly with the facilities staff to meet the ongoing care of our and your patients’ feet.
Our doctors make an initial assessment of each resident enabling them to take care of painful calluses and corns, trimming of mycotic or ingrown nails, simple nail debridement and limited wound care.
Our Doctors make sure direct care staff understand the importance of not neglecting any podiatry concerns. Even the simplest of issues could affect the quality of life for a patient and left untreated, increases the incidence of amputation and death in certain cases.
All of our doctors and MA’s are subject to a rigorous training and evaluation where their skills are assessed to ensure they meet the high standards of Platinum Podiatry and to deliver the highest quality of care.
Platinum Podiatry looks forward to working with your Residents, Clients, Family members and providing excellent Podiatric palliative care.

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Dr. Robert Joseph

Dr. Robert Joseph


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